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Weed vs. Booze and what does "California Sober" mean

I learned a new term today in this Chatelaine article. The term is California Sober. That basically means you only "do weed". No booze or drugs. The trend is on the rise!

Another good read - This mdlink article highlights the ways Cannabis can be safer than alcohol.

"The bottom line

The key takeaway is that, despite all noted risks and benefits, anyone who consumes alcohol or uses marijuana should exercise caution. There is no clear-cut answer for which substance is better for one’s health because both carry several risks to those who use it.

Still, marijuana does not pose the same serious health dangers that excessive alcohol consumption does. Marijuana is less addictive, is unlikely to lead to a fatal overdose, does not cause cancer—at least, according to current evidence. Not to mention, marijuana use does not typically result in the hangover that is most common with drinking.

Considering only the facts, marijuana is the healthier option. But, if deciding between the two strictly for health purposes, the best choice is probably neither."

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