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CT Mary and Janie Carbon Lined Locked Stash Bag Smell-Proof  - Even Cannabis

CT Mary and Janie Carbon Lined Locked Stash Bag Smell-Proof - Even Cannabis

Lined with Carbon

The zipper is sealed to keep the smell in.

Fully locks 


Know the Laws!  While recreational cannabis is legal in many states, most state laws require cannabis to be locked up at home and in transit.  There are fines associated with this and they have the right to confiscate your cannabis.  It's easier and safer to just keep it locked up. No one will know what is in there. 


  • 3X THE SMELL PROTECTION THAN OUR COMPETITORS – Live worry-free knowing that your smell proof case will be giving you maximum protection with our proprietary 3-Layer Smell Filtration Technology.
  • DURABLE, waterproof, shock resistant, and no cheap fabrics - superb quality is used to protect your expensive goods. So go ahead, no need to be so gentle with your stash box.
  • HEAVY DUTY COMBO LOCK – Tough to crack, easy to use. When setting the lock, set to 0 - 0 - 0 first, push the top button, set your 3-digit combo and push the right release key. Locks both zippers in place knowing that your expensive gears are guarded until you are ready to open your smell proof container.
  • LARGE MODULAR COMPARTMENTS – Your set-up, your way. Massive internal storage (9 x 7 x 4 inches) is fully customizable allowing you to retrofit your smell proof bag however you want with minimal effort.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY – A perfect investment or gift. Using only the most premium materials coupled with superior craftsmanship, we’re certain your stash bag can handle the test of time in both durability and functionality.
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